Diamond Creek, New Build Back Garden

This New house needed a back garden to include ; A Trampoline, Space to kick a ball around, retaining for a steep slope, Screen neighbours without blocking the view, Drainage area to catch the water that ran down the side concrete path, a space for vegies to grow and a small lawn area, the space had to be usable for a family of 5.  The large back entertaining deck looks down onto the back garden so the garden had to look interesting from above.

We used compacted Granitic sand for pathways, trampoline area and ball kicking area.

We built a Coldstream Rock retaining wall that doubles as a large seat big enough for the whole family to sit on together.

We installed a dry creek bed to catch excess rain water running down the concrete path during times of heavy down pours.

We planted the fence line with native shrubs and trees and the large sloping garden beds with ground cover plants to prevent weed growth and reduce the need to re-mulch.

The circular area was going to be for a small lawn but the owners have decided to use it for growing veggies instead.