Kate Ashton Gardens - Galleries

A New House needs a New garden Macleod
Coldstream rocks, coldstream stone wall, Bluestone stepping pavers in lawn, Native plants, Palmetto Lawn
A tropical retreat in a small suburban backyard...
A Tropical Hut, remove the shed, Pond, timber deck, plants, water feature, tropical garden
Acerage property in Lower Plenty
Colac Rock, Drought tolerant plants, Compacted sandstone, Fire pit area
Blackburn front garden
Low maintenance front garden, drought tolerant plants, gravel paths, Cortn steel edging
Brunswick Back garden
Brunswick garden design, garden construction, Coldstream stone planter box, compacted sandstone pathways, garden beds, garden mulch
Chirnside Park natural front garden
Colac rock for retaining, compacted crushed sandstone, River stones.
Classic but Modern, compact front garden in Fairfeild
symetrical garden Fairfeild, fairfeild compact front garden lay out, Bluestone paving, Gardenias in pots, trimmed Box hedge, modern garden, Box hedge balls, Jasmine on wires, stainless steel cable for climber.
Coburg compact front garden
 Native garden, compacted sandstone, path to the rubbish bins, Natural sandstone stepping pavers, natural privacy screen from the street.
Coldstream stone walls
Cold Stream stone wall, Cold Stream stone seat, Cold Stream stone retaining wall, Curved Cold Stream stone walls,Curved retaining walls
Commerical gardens
Native plants, Native commercial garden, Rocks, Devils marbles.
Cottage Gardens
Rosanna Cottage garden, lawn, Salvia, lambs ears, catmint, roses, Apple tree, Buddleia, Cottage in style with a drought tolerant, colourful, long flowering, low maintenance
Courtyard garden designed for entertaining
Decking, Courtyard with Decking, Pond, bridge, Spa, Timber screens, Stepping pavers, Dicondra, water feature.
Crazy paving
Crazy paving, natural stone paving, Ramdon Stone paving, Coldstream stone seat, Courtyard garden
Diamond Creek Formal front garden
Diamond creek formal garden, crushed sandstone parking on nature strip, Symetrical garden.
Diamond creek Lush tropical feel back garden
foliage colour and texture, lush tropical garden, tropical garden feel
Diamond creek, new build back garden
Coldstream Rock retaining wall doubles as seat, Sloping garden bed, Diamond creek back garden.
Diamond Valley Library Garden
Driveway resufacing
Driveway resurfacing, Compacted crushed sandstone, 1.2 tonne roller compactor, Eltham driveway toppings
Dry Creek Beds and Natural looking drainage
Eaglemont Garden Designed with the Kids in mind.
Eaglemont back garden, Compacted toppings, low maintenance garden, hardy plants, kids garden, garden design, garden construction.
East Ivanhoe kid friendly back garden
Second hand Jarrah Sleepers, Dromana toppings, winding path,  linking spaces, no lawn, Low maintenance.
Eden Park kids play ground garden.
Kids play ground, play area, kids garden,Dry creek bed, timber bridge, Mud rocks, river stone, 40mm Tuscan stone, loose gravel surface, compacted Tuscan toppings, Eden Park pathways.
Eltham Circular stone seat / retaining wall
Coldstream Stone retaining wall with seat, Timber frame for climber, curved retaining wall, Eltham retaining wall, stone retaining wall, Eltham entertaining area.
Eltham Nth sloping front garden make over on a budget
Grass removal, Compacted sandstone pathway, Flexible plstic edging, drought tolerant plantings, Mulched garden beds, water bowl Eltham garden, bird bath,
Eltham sloping back garden.
 chunky second hand sleepers, retain the area, second hand red brick paving, compacted toppings, drought tolerant planting.
Eltham Vet Clinic front garden
Commercial gardens, Plant words, hedged plants, trimmed shrubs, words in shrubs, plants advertising, vet garden, Eltham front garden, commercial gardens, advertising gardens,
Extra Parking for teenage cars, Caravans & Visitors
Parking for 1 car, extra Parking,
Fire Pits
Fire pit, Coldstream stone, seat, stone seat, metal fire pit.
Front garden Macleod
Front garden, Asian style garden, Granite stepping stones
Garden Lighting
Garden lighting, Garden Art, Lights outside, Feature lighting
Garden Paths
Garden path, compacted toppings, compacted sandstone, Eltham path, Eltham garden
Heidelberg Heights back garden for family fun
Fire pit, Coldstream stone seat, Compacted toppings
Indoor gardens
indoor garden, Dicondra silver falls, Dwarf mondo grass, pot plant, Prahan garden, Japanese Maple, Dicondra silver falls, Dwarf mondo grass, pot plants
Ivanhoe Front garden with a touch of class
removed lawn, replaced lawn with a path , pavers and crushed sandstone, formal garden, Ivanhoe front gardenn
Kate at work
Low budget front garden Diamond Creek
Low Budget landscape, front garden, Diamond Creek, Path, Rocks
Nature Strip gardens instead of lawn
Plant supply, delivery and installation service.
Plant supply, delivery and installation service
Plenty garden designed for entertaining
Fire wood stack, Coldstream seat, Bluestone, Second hand Red brick paving, Screening trees to block neighbours house,
Pots & Plants
Potted plants, hardy potted plants, feature pots.
Reduce lawn areas
Research front garden
Reservior Back garden
Reservior back garden, Coldstream stone wall, Lawn, Cute garde shed, Garden Path
Ringwood front garden
The lawn removed, pathways installed, garden beds, garden path, front garden, Ringwood front garden, Tree fern
Rock Placement in Gardens
Colac rock for retaining, compacted crushed sandstone, native garden, Templestowe garden, sloping garden, native plants.
Rosanna Family friendly back garden
lavender, Lawn, pathways, timber boardwalk, bridge,Rosanna back garden, vegetable gardens, compacted pathway, garden shed
Rosanna Multi use back garden
Country / Rustic style garden, Garden designed for kids, garden for chooks, veggie garden, Compacted Crushed sandstone, Corrigated Iron veggie beds, Up right railway sleepers, second hand red bricks, overwrought gate,.
Second Hand (2nd) Hand Red Bricks
Second Hand Red Bricks, Second hand Red Brick paving Eltham,
Sloping front garden Lower Plenty
Steep garden, rocks, reatining, River stones, compacted toppings.
South Melbourne Courtyard
South Melbourne courtyard garden, Bluestone paving, rendered brick, Timber gate, BBQ bench..
Steps and Ramps in gardens
Treat pine steps, Galvanised up rights, treated pine retaining wall, Eltham garden
Surrey Hills back garden
Looking down, Lawn, Garden path, half circular paving, garden beds surrey Hills back garden,  Travertine stone paver
Surrey Hills Cottage garden
Front garden, Cottage garden, gadren design, Cottage
Surrey Hills front garden - 50th Bday present
Landscaping Surrey Hills, garden design Surrey Hills, 50th birthday present, great present, Circular garden feature
Swimming Pool Facelifts
New paving, retaining wall blocks, timber screen to hide pool equipment and planting
Terraced front garden
Sloping ground, before retaining walls,front garden, garden design, lawn, Agava attenuata
Turf installation
 Turf installation, preparation for turf,
Veggie gardens
Large Veggie garden, Useable space, good soil
Watsonia Family fun back garden
Garden beds, Area for growing Veggies, a Cold stream stone seat, crushed sandstone pathways edged with Red bricks.
Yea Farm Garden
The new garden site, lawn is to be removed and pathways installed,